Julia Tutorial Simple Programs

 Julia is a  Open Source.Julia is free for everyone to use..Julia is a high-level general-purpose dynamic programming language that is designed to address the needs of high-performance numerical analysis and computational science, without the need of separate compilation to be fast.

Julia is used in

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Visualisation
  • General Purpose
  • Parallel Computing
  • Scientific Domains

Julia  Here is the list of program link i am trying to execute and trying to learn Julia and introduction to Julia. I have started o explore and learn Julia. i am writing and executing some simple program. I am too much excited to create a machine learning program like the one Jarvis in Iron Man movie. I am trying to spend  some time during my free time and trying to type and execute some program or small method. I am very much excited to see my first small Machine Learning program. I have taken my first step by writing and executing some simple program which i used to do to learn for other languages. Here below i am creating a list introduction to Julia

1) Julia Programming Language

2) Introduction of installation Julia in windows machine

3) Hello world programming language

4)Julia programming Arithmetic Operators tutorials for beginners

5) Julia Tutorial Conditional Statements To Check Even Or Odd Number

6) Julia Tutorial  Check if a number is prime 

7) Julia Tutorial For Beginners  program to  print range of  prime number 

8) Julia Program To Create a Right Angled Triangle

9) Julia program create triangle using numbers

10)  Floyd's triangle program in Julia

11) Julia Program How to Read Folder Names

12) Julia Program While Loop

13) Julia program how to use continue in the condition

14) Julia Program To Read Stock / Share Market Data


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