Julia Program How to Read Folder Names

Today we are going to see how to read the sub folder's name in Julia Program.

To do this first i want to know what is my current folder or present working directory in Julia console.

To do this or see we can use the following syntax pwd(). Lets execute it and see

Here you can see i have installed Julia in D directory and can see the details of the path


Now i am curious to see what are the folders present inside the Julia-1.0.0

To see this we can use the following command readDir()

we will pass the parameter as the  path


Lets execute the command in console and see

Next i want to change my directory say for G Drive and read some folders which i have created manually


So i execute the following command in the console


after executing we can check if we are present in the above mentioned path. To do this we will use

present working directory command  pwd()

Now to check  what are the sub folders present in the directory we will execute the following command

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