Robots for house part1

Robots should become essential pussy of our life. These are the following problems i would like to address with robots.

For elderly people
1) It should assist then to do exercise
    a) Hand fingers pumping
     b) Walking
    c) climbing stairs
2) it should be able to give them bath
   a) Preparing hot water for bath
   b) Checking if the bathroom floor is slippery
c) cleaning the bathroom floor if slippery
d) regulate the temperature of hot water before pouring on body

3) Apply Soap to the body
  a) mud in the body should be identified and water should be poured especially neck area, 
b)back shoulder, 
c)if tummy is big soap should be properly applied on the upper portion of the stomach, space between chest and stomach, lower part of stomach.
d) Arm pits and shoulders
e) special care should be given to place near elbow as most of the dirt sits here.

f) on buttocks and groin area, inner thigh, legs, feet. While applying soap on feet care should be taken off the elderly people they should not fall down.
e) buttocks should be cleaned properly to avoid smelling if pop

f) Head bath should be given only if the weather is hot outside. Check if the body temperature is normal. No signs of cold. Weekly once only should be given until necessary.
g) a dry towel should be used to wipe the water from the body.
h) check for any fungal infection. In the appointment of the doctor show the image or tell the place of occurrence. 
i) apply antifungal as per the direction with precaution
j) the robot should be able to undress and dress  then properly.