End of pick pocket era

As I am traveling in train today , sitting inside my coach , while ample amount of time was thinking, how to think as a economist. I wanted to go back in time and see what will come to my mind.

A ticket collector catching few people related to ticket. This made me think there was no news of pick pocket these days, as technology is thriving and the use of digital payment such as UPI, has made even the tea seller to carry a UPI scan image. 

They are also insisting the passanger to make UPI payment so change problem will be avoided. By doing so the tea seller has no need to carry cash in pocket, and need not worry. At night when he sits and sees his account, he can see at what time the highest selling was made. He can see the time and check the location now which time and what station by using train status service.
The tea seller also can come with a report and a good buisness plan. With this said the old traditional thief who used to do pickpocket now cannot do it. As most people use UPI for payment, and people are rarely carry wallet with them. Pickpocketers have left it and searching a good honest source of income. This has lead to increase in good things and contribute postive towards growth of the economy