If i had bought more Infosys share on or around March 2020

Today when i am seeing my portfolio i was wondering how could i have increased my weight of the portfolio by adding few more shares of Infosys. I bought few shares here on 2020 year. On this day i made my own analysis in the market and did a few research here and there and on my gut feeling i had bought this share on 17-03-2020 for 578.95  I had bought very less quantity. But i am happy today when i check the current market price of this share it is   1,721.90 INR . So when i divide 1721.90/578.95 === 2.9741  

I am thinking my one share price has been increased to 2.941 , i.e., when i multiply 578.95 * 2.9741 this amount should be equivalent to 1721.85 , approximately equal to 1721.90 , 

so i can say my money has been multiplied by 2.941 times for a single share bought. I am happy for this return and understood one concept in stock market , that i should aim for long term holding instead of short term. 

In the long term the market will give better result. If i had sold it after reaching 1000 INR , that would be a small profit, but i am glad that i have not sold this share and kept it in my portfolio. By Gods grace i will try to keep this share in my portfolio as long as possible. Not sure what might be the future. I tried to understand the pattern but one thing i realized that stock market is very volatile and i feel it difficult to predict.  Its always better to take advice from the financial adviser before making any investment decision.


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