Difference between Internet and Javascript

 What is Difference between Internet and Javascript  ???


Internet is a network which gives the information from the vast network that connects computers around the world. Internet uses TCP/IP protocol to connect between various devices.

  • Internet is used for digital media 

  • Browsing different website


    Playing online games

    Listening to online music

    Downloading various software, videos, music, word files , excel files


    Video Streaming

    Sharing content





    Javascript is a programming langauge. It is light weight and used by almost every website. It is used with HTML and CSS. It is client side scripting language. All the computation happens on the client browser. Javascript is just-in-time compiled programming language. Javascript is the most popular language. Simple application of javascript can be seen in form validation, alert box, confirm box. These are the few application one might be aware of. Javascript is easy to learn and is one of the famous programming languages.