if I have invested three lakh in stock market

Hi was thinking today morning , if i had invested arround three lakh rupees on May 22 2020, I would have made fortune in stock market. If I had invested on Sbi share or  State bank of India . Had I bought 2000 shares of State bank of India on May 22 year 2020 , it was available at 150 which was a very good buying opportunity for me , had I invested in it .
State Bank of India (SBI) is an Indian multinational, public sector bank. It's share price was  150.85 on  May 22 2020. Today 3 lakh investment would have yeilded me a good amount. Sbi share price today is 434.30 . If we multiply the amount with number of  share purchased for three lakh on May 22 2020 it would be arround 2000 shares approximately and for today's price if I muilty it with number of shares * current price i.e 2000*434.30 it would be worth  arround 8,68,600. the profits would be arround 5lakh after removing the invested amount. Stock market is too volatile and unable to predict. Think before you invest and