Enjoying with family at home by doing home picnic inside home

Hello friends good morning today I am going to write a article on how to spend weekends at your home and working from home and being relaxed at home with your family. 

To be relax with your family and enjoy the time is a family I thought of the new ideas to keep my family busy and play with my kids and keep happy everyone so this the following steps I do I try to do something adventurous at home by being at home and not taking them out and giving the same field of adventure as we go for a picnic know any other destinations in and around other place. 

This weekend I want to mutton shop and bought some mutton piece or I can say summit and after bring the mate I decided to not cook in regular routine, something new so here to cook a new Dish I tried to all my family and convince them let's give up the gas oven and do with the old traditional method so I will set up 4 brick fireplace where we can fire for cooking, make something adventurous as we go outside and do it so we used to do this at our childhood when we are very young when there was no electricity or gas at the home, so this was one of the day I  decided , so we assemble at all and everyone had your different thing about hygiene and so I made a point of all this things and I made a checklist to clear all clear doubts before preparing this things, so if we do all these things and keep everyone some concept or they are guidance, for I can say their opinion in your mind and  everyone come and enjoy. because everyone is right at their. So the first thing was the place where we wanted to cook was not clean so we decided yeah let's clean up so early morning week water and reach the place and put some waters swipe and the place clean and after making the place can we told house have we have sanitize the place so we can come and cook it. 

We were planning to cook the dish at our Garden place and all the fire of place was ready and Yes chopped of the onions, inside because everyone wanted to do it is a comfortable sitting on a chair and having an cutting pad, children we have to keep them occupied so we thought let's make a pre pre preparation of the list or get the three activities completed through which of the onions we had, the tomato  and chillies, ginger paste and be made masala for a meat which is the best for the made in which we required to make the meet delicious and tasty, mouth watering. to do all this things and so the first thing was we have to put in the vessel  to the ground floor we had to understand that what kind of questions, we need to take because cooking on coal fire, which will make your vessel dark black and the size of a was also matters because the place where  The Wood fire stove might not match  with the size of your normal basic gas, so we have to keep all these considerations and we tried 2 to 3 vessels and after getting a proper vessel. 

The next challenge was the process was ready and we had the problem of water so we have to bring out the people drinking water, water was available at the time and we thought to bring some vessel, it already water stored we got some empty vessels and filled water, we started preparing our days, so the next thing was a guy should be always near that place because there might be some animals roaming around,  maintain hygiene over the place where we decided to do it in  turns so one guy he was with kids, keeping them occupied and the ladies wear at right to get all the things assembled at one place so we came down and started cooking we for the edible Sunflower oil and made it boiled over over the flame and hear the challenge was we could not controls of fire flame because it was of charcoal and to control the flame we had to remove some of the charcoal, this was one of the major challenges and experience would require you might end up messing up things. we had a plan and everyone was watching them Each Other through this helped us improve in our day and Be Victoria was enjoying and the meal. Was the managing the children's as it was open place children like playing outside their and there roaming and someone had to keep an eye on the children and keep them occupied .  bought the the all the things such as a turmeric powder, salt, chili powder,  this all things ready and we started preparing a what is after preparing the days on the old hot fire. it was a new adventurous activity for the entire family and we enjoyed our meal by having cooked in our Garden and we had enjoyed because the children enjoyed the new way and they were occupied, even the house members they wanted the different change of environment as they wanted to go to the picnic which was not possible during this current situation so we came up with this unique concept and yeah we enjoy today   like the weekend as we were outside for a picnic.