Should I buy penny stocks below Rs 10

Should I buy penny stocks below Rs 10?

Penny stocks are the stocks which have very low market Capitalism and the stocks are traded below or low price. If the stock is trading at a very low price our next question will be, can we make money from penny stock. Is it risky investing in penny stock. How long should I wait to book my profit. If I purchase stock will I be able to sell it. How will the market perform. What happens if the company is delisted. These are the questions which comes to our mind when investigating in penny stock. There are people who makes money from penny stock. How do they make it. I feel before investing in penny stocks we should study about the stock which I am buying. Understand the history of the company, its profit and loss statement. Asset of the company. Liability of the company. Why the company is a penny stock. How can they overcome it and become a better bigger listed company. Is the management of the company taking correct decisions. Should understand the business of the company. After doing all this research still it might be risky or might be a multi bagger company. Try to understand who are the promoters of the company.
Should I buy penny stocks below Rs 10?


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