Onion crossed century

Onion a basic vegetable used in the kitchen. It is mostly used during tempering of a dish. When I want to cook vegetables I used to have two to three onions chopped and fried it in the oil. Delicious, after cooking yummy dish, while serving I always prefer chopped slice of onion as a salad. From past one week I am thinking should. I buy onion today, the price may go down in a couple of days.

Today as my stock got depleted I went to the nearby market and bought 635 grams onion. I got around six peaces of onion and for this i had to shell out Rs. 75.57, after completing my purchase I came home. It is a weekend and I marinated my  dish which I was above to cook. I picked two onions for slicing and then thought let me use one today and save the other for tomorrow. Wow i became stingy to treat  a onion for myself and I am happy i learned the art of saving. Onion crossed century 

ONION price has crossed century