Childhood games i remember to relax myself and get rid of tension

In this stressful world we need to train our-self to be stress free ,get rid of tension and be happy with your family members. After every storm there is light and bright sunshine leading the path of success. All you need to do is hold tight and let the storm pass away.

Childhood games here is the list of games i remember when i want to be stress free or calm down my blood pressure level, make me stress-less and relax myself for a peace of mind. Its not so easy to remember the things when you are in stress but a small step will help you overcome it. Remember Rome was not build in a day. Try and try again till you succeed. Whenever i am in tension i just close my eyes, take a deep breath for 10 times and i count my fingers later i try to remember the good moments i had.

Here comes the first thing, it is childhood games these are the wonderful memories i have and try to remember the games i used to play in my home town

Gilli Danda
Kho Kho game
Raja Rani using marbel
Snake and Ladder
Business Game
Collecting stamps
Cricket on the road
Hide and seek (icepress)
Kuntata (in Kannada)

These are the list of games i remember and try to think of the wining moment which makes me proud, happy light hearted.  It helps me increase my happiness and reduce the stress this is one of the way i try to get rid of tension and reduce the stress to control my blood pressure and keep it normal.

Think of the happy moment and try to rejuvenate the  happiness within you and you try to be mindful .

I think these three things when i remember the childhood games

How i used to play
How many times i won
How did i feel when i won
How i used to help others to win
How we used to play as a team to win the opponent


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