How did I spend weekend in bangalore part 2- bike trip to Kolar historic place

Hi friends welcome back, how are you doing. I am doing good by the grace of God. In todays Post I am going to write about how I spend my weekend. During my weekend I planned a trip or a small picnic to Kotilingeshwara, Kolaramma temple and 

It was a great experience. I started my day early in the morning. Filled my bag with two liters of water bottle. I took some biscuits.,snacks. Then I started my day, we assembled at A nearby location of shell petrol bunk as I had to fill my bike tank, checked the air of the vehicle. 

Distance from Kolar Kotilingeshwara temple to my place is 80.6km. We had  to go through Hoskote. There is a toll nearby, after crossing the toll we started our journey. As one hour passed we decided to have breakfast on highway side. There was a good scenery and a mobile canteen nearby. We decided to fill belly with Pudina vada, Crispy Masala dosa with white and orange chutney's.  Here is a below picture of one of the small rocky mountains 

After  covering a distance of 88km we finally reached Kotilingeshwara 

There is a parking fees of 10 rupees for two wheeler. Later we entered the temple premises. To enter inside the main temple there is an entry fess. We collected our ticket and entered inside. 

There are about 90 Lakhs Shiva linga's. Ten Lakhs more linga's are required to make it one crore, this information we collected from the priest who was addressing the crowd after pooja. Here is the glimpse of the linga's

We had prasadam from the temple, they serve rice sweet and curd rice. This is free of cost. It begins around 12.30 and made a small donation to the temple. 

Later we started to Kolaramma Devi temple, it is 30.3km around one hour of journey. 
Kolaramma is a protected monument. We where happy to see this temple 

Here is the time details when temple will be open. Plan it accordingly 

Here is a details about Kolaramma temple

After visiting this we started further and found nandini milk parlour, we had butter milk and few ghee sweets. Nearby there is Someahwara temple. It has a kalyana mantapa and beautiful carving on the wall 3d drawing done in the olden age when there was no technology as today. Beautiful big temple