Knockout Js Hello World First Program

Today we are going to see how to execute the hello world program script in knockout js. Knockout js

is a MVVM.  We have downloaded the knockout js library file from the following link , or we can use a CDN. Please find the CDN url of

knockout js below

I have copied the library file in a notepad and stored as "knockout.js"  so i can access without

internet  connection.

Here comes our first program Knockout Js Hello World  First Program. We are going to declare a

variable  in a script tag and  going to bind the below variable as  below to ko syntax

In the above script helloVariable  has a value called as "Hello World".  Now after assigning value to

 a  variable, we are going to apply bindings, this can be called in  div tag of the body where we can

use a data-bind to display the value of Hello World.

Try to save this file and execute. You can see "Hello World " on the screen.

Hurrah our first script in Knockout Js executed successfully.

<script src="../jquery-3.2.1.min.js"></script>
<script src="../ko.js"></script>
<div data-bind="text:helloVariable"></div>
helloVariable = ko.observable('Hello World');

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