Julia Tutorial For Beginners program to print range of prime number

Julia Tutorial For Beginners program   to  print range of  prime number

Julia  Program to Print all Prime Numbers in a Interval 

What is prime number?
By any other number the prime number cannot be divided and if we try to divide the prime number
 A prime number definition is  a number which is divided by itself  and one is called as prime number . by any other number between one and the prime number it will not give remainder as zero

Here we write a small program in Julia to print range of  prime number.  .Julia  Program to Print all Prime Numbers in a Interval 

When we execute the above program we get the list of prime numbers as below. Here we will pass a parameter in the method and it will print the prime number starting from one to the range specified

    function primeNumberRange(number)
for k=0:number  
count =0
   for j = 1:k

       if k%j == 0
            println(k, " % ",j , "  =  ", number%j)
       if(count == 2)
            println(k ,": is a prime number")
     println(k ,": is not a prime number")

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