Julia Tutorial Conditional Statements To Check Even Or Odd Number

Today we are going to write a simple program of how to check if a number is even number or odd number . To achieve this we will create a  emthod and the method name will be evenNumber and we will pass a argument to check if the number is even or odd . This will be dynamical as we can pass as many arguments we want

  Here comes or example .

evenNumber is a method and x is an argument.

In the second line x%2 is this gives us the remainder value , so we can check the value of the remainder when a number is divided by 2. If the remainder is zero then it will be even number

if the remainder is one then it will be even number .

 Now after creating the following program, we will call the method and try to execute it by passing a number

Here we are passing  evenNumber(2)   , this will be called in the method and check in the if condition

2%2 = 0 , we will get the answer as zero , hence it will satisfy the if condition and will print result as  even number

Program for your reference

function evenNumber(x,y)
           if (x % 2 == 0)
               println("x is even ")
               println("x is odd")