How to enjoy Fair with family

Fair is a festival or a special occasion., where I get up early in the morning, take a bath, wear new dress, and get ready to go to temple. In fair all the people of the village, city, town get together to celebrate  by bidding to the holy place  and offer prayer, while children go to the fair to get toys, balloons and some delicious yummy sweets. Children are happy and wait for this day to grab their favourite toy.

Relatives come together and have a get together with family members. Children are happy with their friends and play games with their new toys and dolls. Mother prepare sweet which will be served during dinner or lunch. In some scenario we need to travel to neighbouring city, village or town, then we prepare food to carry with us during the travel. We park our vehicle in the parking area and go for fair, we will stand in queue to offer prayer during fair. In the evening time family members go for shopping in the fair.

Everyone is happy during the fair. I enjoy Fair by wearing new dress, shopping and eating yummy food with my family during fair.