Short notes on Pytorch

As i am very much interseted what are the latest technology in the market i am doing a short notes

what i have understood about it . As machine learning is gaining popularity and might be the future

of  way to success in my career path, so while i was doing some online research i have gathered the

following information about the new machine learning topic today called as Pytorch

What is official website link for Pytorch ?

PyTorch  website link  is

PyTorch is developed by Facebook's artificial-intelligence research group

PyTorch  is a python library

PyTorch  is a Machine learning opensource library

PyTorch  was released on 2nd October 2016

PyTorch is a python library for Deep Learning and Machine Learning

PyTorch has two high level features

PyTorch has the following modules nn Module,Autograd Module, Optim Module

Pytorch tutorial links is

References from wiki and pytorch official website