Top trending technology that will enhance my career and transform me

Top trending technology in the market for software industry are changing frequently.

 To be on the right track and enhance my career i will need to keep on learning and upgrading with new software technology. 

Now for the upcoming year of 2019 2020 the following technology might be trending

React js : it is a front end or client side scripting language.

Angular js:client side scripting language

Ecommerce : it is a online shopping portal where. You can ask your products, make payment, give 
rewards to customer abs which can have return policy or refund can be given

Python :it is a server side scripting Language which is used for programming there are many framework in python for example dijango


Data Science

Php: it is server side scripting, easy to learn and program. There are various framework some of the popular framework are Yii, cake php etc


CLOUD services

Deployment automation

Checkout Julia Program

Where is Julia is used?

 Julia can be used in the following list below
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Visualization
  • General Purpose
  • Parallel Computing
  • Scientific Domains