Solution for Local Storage clear in chrome browser, HTML5 javascript storage types

There are two types of storage in HTML 5 web storage

  • window.sessionStorage

  • window.localStorage 

In local storage when a browser is closed it will not be erased or removed or deleted , when you

come after some days the data will be present here , it means data here is stored with no times, i.e.,

data will be present unit you remove it manually, there will be no expiration date for the data store in

the local storage .5mb data can be stored in the local storage . The storage concept are present in the browser for example a browser means chrome browser from google, mozilla firefox, safari ,  internet explorer also called as IE , we

Session storage is something which is similar to local storage , it also can store data upto 5mb , the

only difference here is when a session is closed the data is deleted. It is related to the session hence it

is called as session storage

How to  delete the storage from the web  browser chrome ?

 To delete the storage from web browser , we will need to press F12

and a console of the browser open's up  as below

Click on Applications > Local Storage and  you will be able to see the storage with browser url.

There is also clear storage which can be used to clear the storage