Magento 2 How to get Customer Shipping Address from the order number

Magento 2 How to get Customer Shipping Address from the order number

In ecommerce application when a customer places the order , the customer needs to fill the shipping 

address , this shipping address will be used to deliver the product to the customer doorstep. The

shipping address of the customer is store in the magento 2 and is associated with the order details, to

get the customer shipping address details and display in your application you can do it with the order


$orderId = 1;

        $orderDetailsArray = $objectManager->create('Magento\Sales\Model\Order')->load($orderId);

$shippingDetailsData =$orderDetailsArray->getShippingAddress();

#get customer shipping Region
echo $shippingDetailsData->getRegion();

#get customer shipping Postcode
echo $shippingDetailsData->getPostcode();

#get customer shipping LastName
echo $shippingDetailsData->getLastName();

#get customer shipping street

#get customer shipping City
echo $shippingDetailsData->getCity();

#get customer shipping Email
echo $shippingDetailsData->getEmail();

#get customer shipping Telephone
echo $shippingDetailsData->getTelephone();

#get customer shipping suffix
echo $shippingDetailsData->getSuffix();

#get customer shipping vatid
echo $shippingDetailsData->getVatId();


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