PHP extension “curl” must be loaded

PHP extension “curl” must be loaded

Magento  PHP cURL not working in XAMPP/  WAMP on Windows 7 64 bit,  Magento PHP extension “curl” must be loaded while installing on xampp Windows 7

Magento2 installation error in windows using xampp or wamp server

When we try to install magento 2 in our system and start with the readiness check there are few errors which will pop up some of the common error are php needs to upgraded or php version needs to be downgraded . The best solution is while downloading magento we need to check which version of php is magento 2 using and the same xampp and wamp server can be downloaded

Next error we might get is extension=php_curl.dll  is missing with red cross mark

1)To solve this error we need to locate php.ini file

2)Path of php.ini file is your installation directory of xampp/php/php.ini

3) Open the php.ini file in the notepad

4) press ctl+f  and try to find "extension=php_curl.dll"

5) replace the line ";extension=php_curl.dll " with "extension=php_curl.dll"

i.e., remove the semicolon before the begining of the line

6) Restart your xampp or wamp server

Solutions for some of the common error of Magento 2 installation

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