How To Start To Lose Weight And Be Healthy

How to lose weight and be healthy

Hi  there how are you ? 

To become slim or lose your office again you need to be a strong minded person and there are very basic few steps you need to do it the first thing is you need to wake up we need to wake up very early in the morning then go for a walk normally every people will do this for a week or a month and if there is a gap in middle you will lose to this habit and start your routine and be lazy and after few point you realise that that I am lazy and I need to start working again to overcome this you need to find a group of people who are similar oriented to or goals and will help you achieve and motivate you, also there are very friendly apps present in the market, which gives you reminder early morning and tell your routine exercise. you can install the apps which counts your daily activities such as walk dog running and gives a graph report which helps you analyse which part of the day while you are inactive or active. it will also tell you which part of the day I was totally inactive, so try to figure out the days and makeup Common Factor analysis for which day you are inactive most and try to engage Yourself by taking a 
  • small evening walk or 
  • go for play with your friends
  • Go for sports activities like 
  • jogging 
  • cricket 
  • badminton 
  • table tennis 

this is the first step you need to take first you try to walk slowly for few miles or few metres every with try to increase it 

  •  after you are comfortable with jogging try to make some
  •  exercise for chest 
  •  push ups 
  •  Bar exercise
  •  Yoga

so you can start with one push up a day and increase it too 20 pushups keep this regularly after doing push ups you can we go for exercise or ground exercise by  using a floor mat or ground mat and try to raise your lower legs so it will give pressure to your belly. This might help you reduce your fat starting you need to do it to one or two because it will be very tough to lift your leg in the initial stage and after your used to it don't let it go because, once you are lazy again you will fall back to your routine  job. obesity will come back to avoid this and be a healthy always start doing exercise keep yourself busy 

  • House activities 
  • doing activities there are various activities which can also help you such as 
  • cleaning your house
  • Floor
  • Windows
  • Wash bed sheets
  • Clean the floor
  • Water the garden
  • Arrange your wardrobe 
  • Iron clothes
  • Clean kitchen
  • Clean your television or wipe it using dry cloth
  • Polish your shoes
  • Wash your socks
  • Arrange your house to look tidy everyday 
this is one of the good exercise which makes your life work environment or home environment healthy 
by doing this activities your body will start to move and bend and this is a good exercise for your stomach, 

To lose weight and be healthy the first thing is you need to wake up I need to wake up early early in the morning then go for a walk normally every people will do this for a week and after few days I might stop. Then later realize that  I'm lazy and I need to start walking again to come this unit to find group of people who are similar oriental to or thinking and will help you at you and motivate you. Try to play some games such as cricket which motivates you and keeps your time busy these are the few steps which I tried to take to lose my weight and I am checking it it's very tough in the beginning because I do it for a week or a month and later once I lose my routine exercise I become lazy and again I need to motivate myself I watching some motivating videos in YouTube and start my regular workout having a group or a circle of friends who are also energetic and do their exercise regularly will help me motivated and will be a good term circle where we can motivate each other to do exercise leave a healthy and balanced life

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