How To Become a Successful Software Engineer.

How to become a software engineer.

To become a software engineer you need to have a plan and executed accordingly it is not a one day job to become a software engineer there are many ways where you can become a software engineer and train yourself to be the best coder program or the web designer and today we will see some of the steps how to become a software engineer for other background such as Bcom and BCom arts or any other subject you alone apart from engineering of computer science engineering or information science engineering

So the first step you need to become a software engineer is you need to pursue engineering course and specifically in engineering course you need to choose computer science or information science or it period
To become a software engineer after pursuing engineering course you need to keep a good score or to become a successful software engineer you need to choose one programming language and master it there are various things you should keep in mind and all these things has been taught in  your computer science engineering or information or it engineering tried to study it and get placed through a campus this is one of the easy way and the most recommended the way where many people become a software engineer during the campus interview

Second step is try to choose a course from the website or pursue a diploma there are many websites which supports you to learn new technologies and try to understand the market what is the current technology and the running hot Technology after knowing doing some research in the market make a list of Technologies which you want to learn at present or take training or tutorial these are few technologies below

  • React JS 
  • Javascript
  • Angular Js
  • Java
  • Dot Net
  • Python 
  • Django
  • Testing 
  • PHP 
  • My Sql
  • Oracle
  • Azure
  • Aws
  • Data science R programming 
  • Data analyst 
  • SAP  ....  etc

In third step you can pursue course from online courses such as, 
 this these are the paid courses and there are various free courses also available such as
  Tutorials point  etc.
I can go to the particular Technology website and check the documentation, study the documentation using  a laptop or computer  make a practical do practice at your home or free time.  
So you become the master of that Technology this is one of the way we recommend and it will be easy for you to hack the interview questions

Third step face tried to take a internship in some of the IT companies and while taking them internship don't think about your salary if they don't provide you also salary go for the job learn it to it so you will get a hold of a technology always plan for a long time not for a short term if you think of today of salary might not done Technology but try to learn technology and don't think of the money part think of the future master the technology so you will be well played in future if you are aware of the technology be a master in the technology and try to be a full stack developer

The next step we recommend is you can do a self assessment and try to buy the project online there are various freelancer channel where you can register yourself and put for the project once you complete the project you can start receive the payment from your client and there are various tools so before you jump into this market in the shower that you are the best in the programming language and try to do the practical thing or create your own application the next step we recommend is dry to build a product of your own by , in the market such as applications which are useful for the people.  Be entrepreneur by creating your own product so it is useful to the people and you can charge for it ,this is one of the best way, if you have  ideas, to succeed make a plan and try to execute at the end the conclusion is to be a software engineer you need to have a long plan long term goal. 

Basic requirement to achieve long term goal is take pen and paper note down the steps and how do you want to execute it , to be a software engineer and what do you see in future make a list of points and try to execute it thoroughly , basically to learn one programming language you might required 7 days, to make it master you might require three to four months do hard work do your homework properly and this you can win your goals and be a software engineer in your life

Please let me know your comments and if you have any ideas please do share in your comment


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