Shell script how to create HELLO WORLD script in your local system

The following sub topics we are going to discuss today

  • What is a shell script or bash script
  • Sample program of shell script
  • How to Execute Shell Script
  • Explanation  of  code

What is a shell script or bash script

 Computer program or script language designed to be run by the Unix shell using  a command-line interpreter is called as  shell script

The most basic concept to start with any programming language is hello world , as we are often thought in our school university to create a hello world program in C / C++ programming language tutorial  for the beginners or first class , using the same convention and comfortable to begin with the hello world programming language we will create our first program in the shell or bash script using the file name for our linux administrator

A shell script file name will end with .sh

A sample program of shell script

create a new file


echo  My First Program  Hello World is printing on the screen

How to Execute Shell Script

   To execute shell script try to open your terminal or ssh shell , navigate to the folder where the script is present and type the following command


Explanation of the above code

The first line explains that it should be executed by bin/sh 
Here #! is not a comment

Comment format is # , this is a single line comment