Jinja templating | programming language

What is Jinja templating | programming language

Jinja  programming language is a template engine for Python .Jinja  programming language  was created by Armin Ronacher.
Jinja  programming language is text based template language
The following are features of Jinja  programming language
Jinja  programming language has automatic HTML escaping to avoid cross site scripting, Jinja  programming language is easy to debug , it has easily configurable syntax

Jinja2 works with Python 2.6.x, 2.7.x and greater then or equal to  3.3 version

Some of the interview question for Jinja

What is High Level API in Jinja

Explain Loaders in Jinja

Describe Autoescaping in Jinja

in Jinja explain  Custom Filters

What is  striptags() in Jinja

What is bytecode cache in Jinja

Expalin Low Level API in Jinja

What is unicode 


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